My Sister’s Wedding Speech

My BFF Chelsea that just got engaged has asked me to be her “MOH” so as I think about her speech and attempt to write something over the next several months, I thought I would share my sister’s speech. I didn’t have a Maid of Honor because I felt that each girl was equally important to me. I asked Chelsea to stand next to me during the ceremony, and I asked my sister Kaitlyn to sit next to me during dinner and give a speech. I didn’t want to put pressure or all of the responsibilities of being a MOH on one girl.

Now for those people that know my sister and me well, they know that we didn’t get along very well, if hardly at all growing up. I think parts of that is because we had to share a room until I was almost 16 years old, we’re less than two years apart and personality wise, we were quite different. So I honestly had no idea what she was going to write about. None whatsoever. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised and loved every bit of it. A lot of it goes to the way she spoke, how she tried not to laugh or cry too much herself, and taking pauses in the right spots.


There were a lot of these reactions throughout:

Kaitlyn_Speech2 Kaitlyn_Speech3

And for her speech…

Good evening! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Kaitlyn, the very proud little sister of our glamorous bride. I want to start by congratulating the bride and groom, and thanking all of your for making the journey here today.

When Megan first asked me to be her bridesmaid I felt very delighted, but as the big day approached I was informed that I would be doing a speech. Being the shy one and absolutely hate talking in front of a group of people, I was trying to think of ways of getting out of it. But have any of you tried saying no to Megan?!

So I started thinking and thinking…and thinking…about what to talk about and the only thing I could think about was how much we fought growing up! I mean, we had to share a room for like 12 years, our mom dressed us in the same clothes every chance she got until we were old enough to say no. We had to share toys, I always got her hand me downs. I was forced to follow every rule Mom and Dad made because she had to follow them. I always thought I was the cuter one because I had curly hair and she was slightly overweight because she loved her Little Debbie snack cakes!! …Now look at us, it’s almost opposite! And I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. To this day, Megan is the only person I know that can me laugh so hard it hurts. And I can honestly say I wouldn’t be half of the person I am today if I didn’t have a big sister like her to look up to and I’m proud to call you my big sister.

As for Tim…

I never knew Tim before he dated my sister, so I can’t tell you horrible stories about him, but I can tell you that I think he is perfect for my sister! I’ve heard that girls tend to look for someone like their father, and I think Megan has done the perfect job. Tim is very laid back, easy to talk to, and he has a great sense of humor, and likes to pick on Megan. We are very happy to welcome Tim into our family. We know he’s made for us, and I hope we’re made for him! I’m excited to have another brother, but I hope Tim is mentally, physically…and emotionally prepared to have a sister.

As I was thinking some more I thought about the words of advice that I’d like to give the newlyweds…
– Tim, don’t ever judge the choices that Megan makes, because you are one of them.
– Set the ground rules immediately and then do everything Megan says.
-If Megan ever asks if she looks fat in something, I recommend falling to the floor in a mock coma.
– Men usually want either food or sex, so learn to cook and keep your pantry stocked if you want to get anything done.
– Two secrets of a long lasting and happy marriage are a good sense of humor and a short memory.

Separately, you are two special and remarkable people, but together you are complete. As you sit side by side through this roller coaster of life, remember to scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops, and enjoy every twist and turn; For the ride is much better when you share it together.

My greatest wishes for Megan and Tim are that they have a continued loving friendship and partnership; that they enjoy success and laughter; that they are blessed with children, or not ;) and that they always see and talk with their heart.

Please raise your glass while I toast my sister and brother-in-law.

Take each day and cherish your time together. Love one another and stand together. Take time to talk to one another. Put your love and family first, your job and hobbies second. May your love be like the wind—strong enough to move the clouds, soft enough to never hurt, but always never ending. So here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after. Cheers!


Thanks baby sis, for the great speech :)


Our Wedding Pt V: The Finer Details

I was never the girl that dreamt about her wedding or fussed over details. Sure, I wanted a few specific things like multiple vases/containers to hold flowers at the reception and platters for cupcakes [rather than a cupcake tower], but I was never the girl that wanted lots of old, vintage stuff or decorations everywhere. I wanted things to be simple.


I must say that I loved the wedding party and family’s flowers. Bridget at Flowers to the People did an amazing job, and was so fantastic to work with. My two major requirements were the use of succulents and in-season flowers. I wanted the maid’s bouquets to have lots of texture using foliage and flowers in the different shades of yellow and creams. I just love how they turned out.

detail3 detail2 ceremony10detail4detail5

We wanted to mix my rural Nebraska upbringing with Tim’s city background. We just wanted everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable without going crazy. I felt that by having the wedding in St. Louis with the  ceremony in a park, the reception in a historic building, and bringing in wild flowers [which we did wholesale] in different vases [mason jars, milk glass vases and wine bottles] really helped us achieve that. A fun thing we did for the reception was use bottles of Fitz’s Root Beer [made here in St. Louis] that doubled as place cards and favors. It was a treat for the out-of-towners and locals loved it as well.

detail6 detail7 detail8detail9

I love looking through all of these photos. I want to make it a yearly thing of looking back. It was such a fantastic day all around that I don’t want to forget anything.


Our Wedding Pt IV: The Mister & Me

Excuse me while I just photo dump for this entire post. I had a hard time narrowing it down to the number pictures that I did. I just love so many of these of Tim and myself. There’s a lot of looking into each other’s eyes and touching noses. Cute, right? I think yes.

mrmrs1 mrmrs2 mrmrs3 mrmrs4 mrmrs5 mrmrs6 mrmrs7 mrmrs8 mrmrs9 mrmrs10 mrmrs11

I must say that I was absolutely in love with my dress—a Justin Alexander tea length dress. I think I had it picked out before I ever met Tim. I had the straight across neckline altered into a modified sweetheart. The neckline alteration was worth every penny. I fell even more in love with the dress after that change. The dress had 13 layers to the skirt—three of which were crinoline. My grandma ended up taking out two of the layers so it wasn’t so poofy. Another decision I’m glad I made. I was lucky in the sense of not having to have the dress taken in or let out—it fit perfectly in that area.

There’s only one more wedding related post I have scheduled. I can’t wait to get these pictures into photo books for our parents.


Our Wedding Pt III: Music Stand Ceremony

I loved loved loved the location of our ceremony. The Music Stand in Tower Grove Park is such a unique structure that was built back in the 1880’s. And that red top—so cool. The ceremony was exactly what I had in mind after we started planning. It was outdoors, simple and short (I think like 15-20 minutes), and personal.


My Great Uncle was our Officiate, which meant a lot to me. The string trio sounded so lovely. And the fact that two of Tim’s groomsmen shed a tear or two, because Tim never did, was so sweet. I even broke some nerves and caused some laughs when I went to put Tim’s ring on the wrong hand. Oops! I ended up getting it on the correct hand in the end.

ceremony2 ceremony3 ceremony4 ceremony5 ceremony6 ceremony7 ceremony8 ceremony9 ceremony10

It was pretty windy that day and started out super cloudy. The sun came out right as the ceremony started, which is what I’m blaming my blotchy back on. Nerves? No way. [ha!] Oh, and do you know how awkward it feels to kiss in front of 100 of your closest family and friends? Awkward.


Our Wedding Pt II: The Crew

We had such a great wedding party. They seriously helped make the day so much fun. We had an uneven amount of attendants—I had four girls, while Tim had six guys. I loved it being uneven. Most of them are either married or have been in a wedding recently, so they knew what it’s like to have pictures taken. There’s a lot of silly ones, some serious ones, and a few cliché ones. It’s expected, and we don’t mind having those shots.

I still can’t get over how much I love the combination of the girl’s navy dresses and the boy’s tan suits. I just think the navy against all of those fall colors looks so good. And the boys in those suits? Very sharp looking in my opinion. Each of the boys had a navy tie, but each one had a different pattern—another way we tried to make the look our own.

crew1 crew2 crew3 crew4 crew5 crew6 crew7 crew8 crew9

Talk about a good looking wedding party, huh?