Taking Care of the Green Monster

You know how Fenway Park in Boston has a giant wall called “The Green Monster“? Well we have had our own version of that—our bedroom. A few years ago I had painted our bedroom a green that Tim and I had picked out together. Green is his favorite color and really wanted a green room. It certainly wasn’t my favorite idea, or color to paint our bedroom, but I painted anyway.

Well about six months ago, I finally decided I had enough of the green color and started picking up countless paint swatches. I purchased at least eight paint samples, ranging from dark blue-greens to very light, bright greens. I pretty much hated everything once I got it home. The lighting in our room is a major issue—it’s so weird and changes quite a bit throughout the day. We knew wanted to go lighter because the large oak tree in our front yard blocks some natural light.

So fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I finally picked up a gallon of Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White and repainted the room. And guess what? We don’t love it. It’s totally not what I was picturing. The color definitely has undertones of green, which we wanted but I wasn’t prepared for how light it would turn out. Considering the name of the paint has “white” in it, I should have known better. We’re going to keep the color for a couple of months and see how we like it, but I have a feeling I will be repainting the room again.

The last picture I could find was this one (with way awful lighting). I think it was right after we had just purchased our new bed frame.


After painting and rearranging the furniture (which I also don’t like but Tim does), this is the room now.


You can see in the panoramic pictures below that our room isn’t very big, so we were hoping it would feel more airy by going with a lighter color. (I took these pictures with my iPhone, so they aren’t the greatest.) We really only have two wall options for our bed placement since the only vent is under the window, which we don’t want to cover up.

bedroom2 bedroom3

I’ve been actively searching for a new dresser ever since we got the new bed a couple years ago. Our old dresser and current night stands are from Tim’s high school days, so it’s time for us to get “adult furniture”. Finding a dresser was actually pretty difficult. Either the dimensions didn’t work, I didn’t care for the style or the price was too high. Well it just so happened that the same weekend I was painting, West Elm was having a bedroom sale. Our local St. Louis store had the one I wanted in stock, which resulted in a phone call to Tim. Thirty minutes later, the 6-drawer Niche dresser was being loaded into the back of my car. Oh yeah, and it weighs over 200 pounds.


We plan on hanging up the two frames that are currently resting on the night stands (which will also be replaced). I love the look of frames placed on either side of a headboard like that.


The next items on my list for this room include
• New night stands—Something like these white ones
• A green rug for under the bed
• A round mirror for above the dresser
• Lamp for Tim’s night stand
• New ceiling fan
• New blinds
• Curtains??
• Any other decor items I may come across

So despite the new paint color not being what I pictured while, it is already an improvement. I’m just happy the green is gone! I seriously think I feel so much more relaxed walking in and sleeping at night with the new color. Not sure why I didn’t repaint sooner!


House Happenings

Man, I feel like the last two weeks have been super productive here at home. We’ve been working on several miscellaneous projects we’ve been meaning to do for some time. Tim sprayed all those pesky weeds trying to grow up through the cracks on our back patio and I started addressing the ever-growing ivy problem. I swear ivy loves our house. Actually, ivy loves our neighbors house (which they have absolutely no care about) and it has starting growing through the fence line and into our yard. I love the look of ivy on an old house/building, but it’s a super invasive vine that we personally don’t care to have on our property. You have to dig up their roots in order to begin addressing the problem. We have another unidentified vine growing through some of our bushes that we aren’t happy about. But on the flip side of that, my hydrangea plant is like triple in size this year and is sooooo close to blooming!

Another project that’s been on the to-do list since the very beginning is installing a vent in our main bathroom.


It’s a bigger project in the sense that we would be having to cut a hole in our roof, which Tim is nervous about. There’s always been a light fixture that looked like it could be a fan, but wasn’t. Turns out it was wired to be a fan, but was never connected. Tim bought a new light/fan/heater fixture put in, but it’s currently still disconnected from electricity. Since this project involves a lot of attic time, we’ll most likely wait until the fall to finish—it’s way too hot up there right now.

I’ve been meaning to give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint for some time, so after Tim was done working on the ceiling, I did just that. I didn’t realize how bad of a job I had done before until I was putting a new coat on. Oops! We also installed a new light fixture above the sink a few months ago, and I’m currently looking for a new vanity as well. Give this little bathroom a mini update!

One of my goals this summer is to work on our bedroom, so that’s what I did this weekend! It’s going to involve a couple larger purchase, so I’m hoping by the end of the summer it will all come together!


Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack is Complete!

One more to-do item on our basement list has officially been crossed off! We finished the cabinet and wine rack hiding our gas meter a couple weeks ago and are loving it. Tim would like me to paint something to hang up, so I’m thinking about it and looking at inspiration. We went to our local grocery store and picked up 12 bottles of wine to help fill it. They have a deal that if you buy six bottles, you get an additional 10% off the lowest price for each bottle. While we were checking out, the cashier told us to buy six-pack bottles of wine on Wednesdays because you get 15% off that day. Oh heck yes.


After getting the trim installed on the top and bottom, we filled in the holes and gave the trim a fresh coat of paint. Which actually led to me giving the rest of the baseboards in the basement a fresh coat of paint. Painting baseboards is starting to haunt me in my sleep.

Anyway, we’ve filled the drawer with coozies, along with coasters and wine stoppers. Super handy for when we have guests and keeping those things in one place.


Walking down the stairs and seeing the back half of this room with the finished cabinet makes me so happy. It looks pretty bare from this angle, but there are prints framed and hung on the opposite wall that’s not in the picture. Down the road a bar and stools will be added. It’s actually worked out not having a bar yet because we’ve had to put a couple long tables together for large gatherings, and we’ve needed all of that space.


The opposite view of the room doesn’t look any more decorated, but it will be someday! Also, can you spot Tim’s head? He’s sitting on the sectional watching the game on TV.


Other than the bar, the only projects left are the door under the stairs and one little thing with the basement landing and the hand rail.


Office Update

So I wasn’t wanting to put photos up of the office until it was done, but then I realized I haven’t shown any photos of it for two years! And wouldn’t you know, there’s been some progress made in that time. I decided to change the color palette, bought a new rug, got some art hung up, and finally got my Grandma’s chair reupholstered. There’s still things I need to cross of my to-do list and a few items from my office wish list that I would like to eventually get, but as of right now I’m really happy with how things are turning out!

Side note: I apparently forgot how to hold my camera and get straight shots. However, for the record, this room is quite small so I would need a different lens to capture the room how I really wanted to. Also, ignore how the rug isn’t straight under the desk. I’m actually wondering if it’s too small for the room since it and the desk are almost the exact same width.

So here’s what you see when you first enter the room! I love the big picture window and the light it lets in. I usually have the blinds up so Ferrah can sit on the ledge and watch the birds. And make weird cat noises. Someday I’m going to drive up the Chicago and go to IKEA for that desk lamp and some accessories. I’m not waiting until 2015 when STL’s finally opens.

Office0414-1 Office0414-2

I love how the gallery wall has turned out, though it is hard to capture since it extends below the top of the desk. I wanted this room’s art to be typography based. The top left print is actually a world map showing where different typefaces were designed.

Office0414-3 Office0414-4

And of course the reading nook with the newly reupholstered chair! It’s hard to make out, but there’s a closet with two sliding doors between this area and the art prints. While I appreciate (love) closets, the location of this one kind of limits furniture placement. I’m still looking for a print to hang above the chair, but I may end up making my own. I still want a poof/ottoman/table/something for this area, too.


Lastly, the map wall (it’s directly to your left when you walk in the room). We’re slowly adding pins to our travel map and I hope we never stop. (Other than prior international trips, we’re only pinning domestic trips we’ve taken together). The map itself is huge! The replica airplane propeller above the map is roughly 4 feet wide, so that gives you an idea of the map’s size. I’m thinking about adding an inspiration board to the right of the map. It will help fill that space and I would like to hang up more art and inspiration without committing to hanging frames.


So there’s my office as of this past weekend. I actually enjoy spending time in it now, too!


Before & After: Grandma’s Old Chair Reupholstered

Back in the fall of 2010 I inherited a chair from my Grandma. I had told my Grandma that if ever she was wanting to get rid of said chair, I would gladly take it off her hands. And now, 3.5 years later…it’s finally finished!


This project alone is the main reason why I shouldn’t fuss so much about Tim taking forever to do our basement. In the same amount of time it took him to gut and redo our entire basement I finally got a chair reupholstered. With a bit of professional help I have to add. I don’t know why I was dragging my feet so much about this project. Actually, I do know why…because I was in way over my head with it.

I’ve always liked the general shape and the details, just not the fabric. The original mustard yellow fabric wasn’t my favorite and the cushions had seen better days, so I had always planned to reupholster it. It just took me longer than I ever planned! So this is how the chair looked when it was given to me. The fabric was actually one giant piece, so the cushions and the frame were all connected.


And then I got some new fabric with the intentions of me doing the work on it. Well, I made some mediocre cushions and got stuck on the frame so the chair then sat like this for a couple of years.

Chair-Before2 Chair-Before3

This past fall I had had enough of looking at the half done chair and finally decided to call in professional help. I found a place with a great quote and good reviews and dropped it off. I love the new fabric I picked out (a white cotton that looks more like a linen), but I wasn’t happy with the upholstery shop’s service. They had my chair for 3 months when they were only suppose to have it for 6 weeks. I felt like since the chair was a small project compared to what they’re used to, it kept getting pushed back. Thankfully, they were able to use the foam I had already purchased, so I was able to save a bit of money. I could have bought a brand new chair for what I spent overall, but I really do love this chair and hope it will be with me for a very long time!

Chair-After0Chair-After2 Chair-After3

I love how my little reading nook is finally coming together—just need to get some art hung above the chair!