This Blog Has Moved!

So for the past year I’ve been going back and forth about moving my blog off the free WordPress site to a self-hosted domain and finally decided to make the move.


So funny story (to me anyway)…when I first set up this blog I didn’t type the URL I wanted correctly. It was suppose to be meganSmoments, not meganmoments. When I finally noticed this (which wasn’t right away, sadly), someone else already had the URL I wanted so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Btw, that person has never published anything. Darn squatters.

The biggest reason I’ve been wanting to move to a self-hosted blog is because I wanted more customization than what’s available with the free version. I’ve never been 100% in love with any of the themes I’ve used, and there’s limited customization available unless you want to pay to upgrade. I like to tinker with the back end, so moving the blog will allow me to do this. Yay!

So from here on out, I will no longer be posting here. Join me on

Thanks for reading!


This Blog is Moving Soon!

So I’ve been working on moving this little ol’ blog of mine to a new space. I’m still working on getting links updated, but I most likely won’t be putting up many new posts. More to come!

Mom, that means you’ll have to bookmark a new site. :)


July Recap

July was such a fun and busy month for us. We had something going on every weekend this month, which is great and exhausting at the same time. The first weekend was filled with various 4th of July events. We went over to a friend’s mom’s house in historic Webster Groves for the parade the morning of the 4th. That night we went and watched Kirkwood’s fireworks. Tim and I both agreed that Webster puts on a better show. It might have been where we were watching the show from, though.

July14-1 July14-2

Tim signed us up for the Freedom 4 Miler race, so we did that on the 5th. It was Tim’s first running race, and he did so good! I thought 4 miles was a little ambitious for his first run, but he powered through and we finished with a decent time! We went sailing later that day—first time out to the lake all summer. (Oops)


The following weekend we had our friends John and Melanie’s wedding. It was so much fun. Their reception was at Third Degree Glass Factory, so we got to watch glass blowers during the cocktail hour.


I was “Sober Sally” that night because I had to get up at 5 AM to do the New Town Triathlon the next morning.


I finally learned how I’m able to ride a bike in a skirt. Now I just need to get a cruiser with a basket so I can ride to the grocery store.

I keep dreaming of going back to Europe. Seeing this time-lapsed video of Barcelona isn’t helping that feeling go away any time soon.

We headed to the Ozarks for a quick weekend getaway for our friend Matt’s birthday. I’m almost shocked I didn’t come home sunburnt. I did, however, come home with a couple bruises on my rear because of a cannon ball into the lake from the dock’s roof.


Tim came running up the basement stairs one evening and told me that I HAD to watch this “All I Do is Farm” parody video.

And then there’s “12 Ways to Piss Off a Nebraskan“. I’m sure I could add a couple more, even though Nebraska and Missouri are practically the same.

Holy cow, we have vegetables growing in a small garden off the side of our house!! The basil plant seems to be doing okay (I think the sun is frying it), we have peppers coming in and we’re finally started to see the start of a couple tomatoes. We planted a few other things quite late, but the cucumber and zucchini squash has started to sprout.

I did a second triathlon this past weekend, and Tim did it too!


This week has been busy with cleaning and prepping for a party at our house tomorrow—it’s luau themed!


June Recap


I never get tired of Nellie with a big ol’ puppy smile on her face. We were getting ready for a walk, and she was uber excited.

Several months ago I came across a mention of Union Wine Company out in Oregon producing wine in a can and there was a sign up for preorders. You know I ordered some! The verdict at work was “it’s surprisingly not bad!” We weren’t quite sure what to expect. Now I can be classy when wanting to drink wine in an area that doesn’t allow glass (IE: a pool) instead of using a red solo cup.


Speaking of wine…in 2013, the United States consumed more wine than France for the first time ever. Clearly I helped contribute to this state.

I flew home to Nebraska for a long weekend…had a cousin’s bridal shower, a small family reunion and Father’s Day. While I was back, my grandma helped me make made me a clutch with fabric I bought. I’m pretty excited about it. We used this tutorial.


I repainted our bedroom and am not exactly happy with the results. We’ll see how I feel in a few months after I get a couple other things like new a rug and nightstands in the room.


The World Cup started a couple weeks ago…guess who has been glued to the TV? (Hint: Tim) Several of my coworkers and I took an extra long lunch to watch US vs Germany game last week. I made the St. Louis Post Dispatch gallery (picture 7 & 8) of soccer fans. July means Tour de France…guess who will be glued to the TV then as well?

June has also been a month of swimming, biking and running for me. I have my first triathlon of July in just two weeks. This past weekend’s long training day consisted of a 16 mile bike ride followed by a 3 mile run. I’m not where I’d like to be on the bike, but I did this race last year so I at least know what to expect for the most part. Tim is doing a shorter tri with me in late July (his first), so of course I get to drag his butt out of bed before 7 AM on Saturdays.


And lastly, 40 Maps that Explain Food in America. Some of the maps are quite fascinating, and so true. As a farmer’s daughter, the agriculture maps are especially interesting to me.

I’m looking forward to July!