This Blog Has Moved!

So for the past year I’ve been going back and forth about moving my blog off the free WordPress site to a self-hosted domain and finally decided to make the move.


So funny story (to me anyway)…when I first set up this blog I didn’t type the URL I wanted correctly. It was suppose to be meganSmoments, not meganmoments. When I finally noticed this (which wasn’t right away, sadly), someone else already had the URL I wanted so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Btw, that person has never published anything. Darn squatters.

The biggest reason I’ve been wanting to move to a self-hosted blog is because I wanted more customization than what’s available with the free version. I’ve never been 100% in love with any of the themes I’ve used, and there’s limited customization available unless you want to pay to upgrade. I like to tinker with the back end, so moving the blog will allow me to do this. Yay!

So from here on out, I will no longer be posting here. Join me on

Thanks for reading!


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