June Recap


I never get tired of Nellie with a big ol’ puppy smile on her face. We were getting ready for a walk, and she was uber excited.

Several months ago I came across a mention of Union Wine Company out in Oregon producing wine in a can and there was a sign up for preorders. You know I ordered some! The verdict at work was “it’s surprisingly not bad!” We weren’t quite sure what to expect. Now I can be classy when wanting to drink wine in an area that doesn’t allow glass (IE: a pool) instead of using a red solo cup.


Speaking of wine…in 2013, the United States consumed more wine than France for the first time ever. Clearly I helped contribute to this state.

I flew home to Nebraska for a long weekend…had a cousin’s bridal shower, a small family reunion and Father’s Day. While I was back, my grandma helped me make made me a clutch with fabric I bought. I’m pretty excited about it. We used this tutorial.


I repainted our bedroom and am not exactly happy with the results. We’ll see how I feel in a few months after I get a couple other things like new a rug and nightstands in the room.


The World Cup started a couple weeks ago…guess who has been glued to the TV? (Hint: Tim) Several of my coworkers and I took an extra long lunch to watch US vs Germany game last week. I made the St. Louis Post Dispatch gallery (picture 7 & 8) of soccer fans. July means Tour de France…guess who will be glued to the TV then as well?

June has also been a month of swimming, biking and running for me. I have my first triathlon of July in just two weeks. This past weekend’s long training day consisted of a 16 mile bike ride followed by a 3 mile run. I’m not where I’d like to be on the bike, but I did this race last year so I at least know what to expect for the most part. Tim is doing a shorter tri with me in late July (his first), so of course I get to drag his butt out of bed before 7 AM on Saturdays.


And lastly, 40 Maps that Explain Food in America. Some of the maps are quite fascinating, and so true. As a farmer’s daughter, the agriculture maps are especially interesting to me.

I’m looking forward to July!


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