Taking Care of the Green Monster

You know how Fenway Park in Boston has a giant wall called “The Green Monster“? Well we have had our own version of that—our bedroom. A few years ago I had painted our bedroom a green that Tim and I had picked out together. Green is his favorite color and really wanted a green room. It certainly wasn’t my favorite idea, or color to paint our bedroom, but I painted anyway.

Well about six months ago, I finally decided I had enough of the green color and started picking up countless paint swatches. I purchased at least eight paint samples, ranging from dark blue-greens to very light, bright greens. I pretty much hated everything once I got it home. The lighting in our room is a major issue—it’s so weird and changes quite a bit throughout the day. We knew wanted to go lighter because the large oak tree in our front yard blocks some natural light.

So fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I finally picked up a gallon of Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White and repainted the room. And guess what? We don’t love it. It’s totally not what I was picturing. The color definitely has undertones of green, which we wanted but I wasn’t prepared for how light it would turn out. Considering the name of the paint has “white” in it, I should have known better. We’re going to keep the color for a couple of months and see how we like it, but I have a feeling I will be repainting the room again.

The last picture I could find was this one (with way awful lighting). I think it was right after we had just purchased our new bed frame.


After painting and rearranging the furniture (which I also don’t like but Tim does), this is the room now.


You can see in the panoramic pictures below that our room isn’t very big, so we were hoping it would feel more airy by going with a lighter color. (I took these pictures with my iPhone, so they aren’t the greatest.) We really only have two wall options for our bed placement since the only vent is under the window, which we don’t want to cover up.

bedroom2 bedroom3

I’ve been actively searching for a new dresser ever since we got the new bed a couple years ago. Our old dresser and current night stands are from Tim’s high school days, so it’s time for us to get “adult furniture”. Finding a dresser was actually pretty difficult. Either the dimensions didn’t work, I didn’t care for the style or the price was too high. Well it just so happened that the same weekend I was painting, West Elm was having a bedroom sale. Our local St. Louis store had the one I wanted in stock, which resulted in a phone call to Tim. Thirty minutes later, the 6-drawer Niche dresser was being loaded into the back of my car. Oh yeah, and it weighs over 200 pounds.


We plan on hanging up the two frames that are currently resting on the night stands (which will also be replaced). I love the look of frames placed on either side of a headboard like that.


The next items on my list for this room include
• New night stands—Something like these white ones
• A green rug for under the bed
• A round mirror for above the dresser
• Lamp for Tim’s night stand
• New ceiling fan
• New blinds
• Curtains??
• Any other decor items I may come across

So despite the new paint color not being what I pictured while, it is already an improvement. I’m just happy the green is gone! I seriously think I feel so much more relaxed walking in and sleeping at night with the new color. Not sure why I didn’t repaint sooner!


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