House Happenings

Man, I feel like the last two weeks have been super productive here at home. We’ve been working on several miscellaneous projects we’ve been meaning to do for some time. Tim sprayed all those pesky weeds trying to grow up through the cracks on our back patio and I started addressing the ever-growing ivy problem. I swear ivy loves our house. Actually, ivy loves our neighbors house (which they have absolutely no care about) and it has starting growing through the fence line and into our yard. I love the look of ivy on an old house/building, but it’s a super invasive vine that we personally don’t care to have on our property. You have to dig up their roots in order to begin addressing the problem. We have another unidentified vine growing through some of our bushes that we aren’t happy about. But on the flip side of that, my hydrangea plant is like triple in size this year and is sooooo close to blooming!

Another project that’s been on the to-do list since the very beginning is installing a vent in our main bathroom.


It’s a bigger project in the sense that we would be having to cut a hole in our roof, which Tim is nervous about. There’s always been a light fixture that looked like it could be a fan, but wasn’t. Turns out it was wired to be a fan, but was never connected. Tim bought a new light/fan/heater fixture put in, but it’s currently still disconnected from electricity. Since this project involves a lot of attic time, we’ll most likely wait until the fall to finish—it’s way too hot up there right now.

I’ve been meaning to give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint for some time, so after Tim was done working on the ceiling, I did just that. I didn’t realize how bad of a job I had done before until I was putting a new coat on. Oops! We also installed a new light fixture above the sink a few months ago, and I’m currently looking for a new vanity as well. Give this little bathroom a mini update!

One of my goals this summer is to work on our bedroom, so that’s what I did this weekend! It’s going to involve a couple larger purchase, so I’m hoping by the end of the summer it will all come together!


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