April Recap

April is a month I look forward to every year because it’s finally spring. (!!!) Normally the last late snowfall has already happened, and we can look forward to warmer weather and summer fun. So a few things that happened in April…

I finally got my chair reupholstery project up.


And the cabinet covering the gas meter!


On a sad note, the dog I grew up with had to be put down. I was expecting the phone call some time this year because of her age (she would have turned 18 in June), but just not that day. There were tears shed. I found that I’m not the only one to have recently lost a pet.

And then I found this 100 Happy Days project. It challenges you to share what makes (or made) you happy for 100 days. I’m thinking about doing it.

Cardinal’s baseball season started! Our entire office attended opening day, which was a ton of fun despite being rained on for the first 45 minutes.


A coworker shared this 1st Year of Marriage blog. It’s hilarious. I was crying-laughing at some of the entries. There were some entries when I could say, “Yep, that’s us.”

I took a basic self defense class for runners at a local running store. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I walked away with some sweet new moves. Let’s just hope I never have to use them.

We headed to Nebraska for Easter. For me, it marks the true beginning of spring. We spent part of Easter day at the farm before having to head back to St. Louis. The farm has been in my Dad’s Dad’s (that’s weird to say) family since the 1890’s, so there’s always been cool old stuff to see.

Farm1 Farm2 Farm3

I love that everything is blooming! After four years of living here, our Lily of the Valley is finally producing flowers! My hydrangea plant is growing back, which I didn’t think would happen. Our daffodils bloomed…and then fried in the sun and died. But our rose bushes and honeysuckle bushes are back! And the pansies made it through the crazy winter. However, our dusty miller did not and I had to cut those out. I was super bummed.

I also think I’m starting to become an indoor plant hoarder. Every time I go to Home Depot, I come home with a new plant. I’m currently up to 7.


And lastly…if your computer screen is dirty, here’s the perfect way you should have it cleaned :)


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