Current Favorite Instagrammers

The other week Tim wanted to show me a picture that a friend had posted to Instagram, so I handed him my phone so he could look for it. After scrolling through a couple pictures he said, “You follow too many people!” and then exited out of the app. I follow just over 200 accounts, which is not “too many” in my opinion. I just love seeing how other people view life, and finding new places to put on my “must travel here someday” list.

Michael J. SpearChelsea Spear
This husband-wife team take some gorgeous photographs of Alaska. I don’t care how cold the Alaskan winter is, I would totally go explore with these two.


Zach Reed
I have a slight obsession with looking at his pictures of the Pacific-Northwest, especially the abandoned Vance Creek Bridge.


Alex Strohl
I have never wanted to visit Canada more than after seeing all of his photos. He makes Canada look breathtaking.


Sang Han
I actually had the privilege to work with Sang for a short bit, and I can attest that he is one talented guy. He’s now working for Apple, so I get to enjoy looking at all of his pictures of the CA coastline.


Paris in Four Months
Because who doesn’t want to look at pictures of Paris and dream of walking through its streets?


The Everygirl
Fantastic lifestyle imagery with tons of inspiration.


Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.
I adore this shop and own a few pieces myself. I just love her illustration style!


Anna With Love
So many girly things. And I want her office.


A few other favorites include Folk Magazine, Design*Sponge, Home Polish and LH Calligraphy. Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Current Favorite Instagrammers

  1. these are all amazing!!! WOW. I love the Alaskan one… the paris in four months, anna bond, and anna with love. thanks so much for the introduction to them! i’ve been meaning to get instagram for my blog… gonna have to do it!!!!

    this is only my first visit at your blog, but i like it :) glad to have found you!

    • Hi! There are definitely some amazing and inspiring Instagram accounts out there. I’m hoping to do a few more of these posts because I have so many favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

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