Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack is Complete!

One more to-do item on our basement list has officially been crossed off! We finished the cabinet and wine rack hiding our gas meter a couple weeks ago and are loving it. Tim would like me to paint something to hang up, so I’m thinking about it and looking at inspiration. We went to our local grocery store and picked up 12 bottles of wine to help fill it. They have a deal that if you buy six bottles, you get an additional 10% off the lowest price for each bottle. While we were checking out, the cashier told us to buy six-pack bottles of wine on Wednesdays because you get 15% off that day. Oh heck yes.


After getting the trim installed on the top and bottom, we filled in the holes and gave the trim a fresh coat of paint. Which actually led to me giving the rest of the baseboards in the basement a fresh coat of paint. Painting baseboards is starting to haunt me in my sleep.

Anyway, we’ve filled the drawer with coozies, along with coasters and wine stoppers. Super handy for when we have guests and keeping those things in one place.


Walking down the stairs and seeing the back half of this room with the finished cabinet makes me so happy. It looks pretty bare from this angle, but there are prints framed and hung on the opposite wall that’s not in the picture. Down the road a bar and stools will be added. It’s actually worked out not having a bar yet because we’ve had to put a couple long tables together for large gatherings, and we’ve needed all of that space.


The opposite view of the room doesn’t look any more decorated, but it will be someday! Also, can you spot Tim’s head? He’s sitting on the sectional watching the game on TV.


Other than the bar, the only projects left are the door under the stairs and one little thing with the basement landing and the hand rail.


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