Office Update

So I wasn’t wanting to put photos up of the office until it was done, but then I realized I haven’t shown any photos of it for two years! And wouldn’t you know, there’s been some progress made in that time. I decided to change the color palette, bought a new rug, got some art hung up, and finally got my Grandma’s chair reupholstered. There’s still things I need to cross of my to-do list and a few items from my office wish list that I would like to eventually get, but as of right now I’m really happy with how things are turning out!

Side note: I apparently forgot how to hold my camera and get straight shots. However, for the record, this room is quite small so I would need a different lens to capture the room how I really wanted to. Also, ignore how the rug isn’t straight under the desk. I’m actually wondering if it’s too small for the room since it and the desk are almost the exact same width.

So here’s what you see when you first enter the room! I love the big picture window and the light it lets in. I usually have the blinds up so Ferrah can sit on the ledge and watch the birds. And make weird cat noises. Someday I’m going to drive up the Chicago and go to IKEA for that desk lamp and some accessories. I’m not waiting until 2015 when STL’s finally opens.

Office0414-1 Office0414-2

I love how the gallery wall has turned out, though it is hard to capture since it extends below the top of the desk. I wanted this room’s art to be typography based. The top left print is actually a world map showing where different typefaces were designed.

Office0414-3 Office0414-4

And of course the reading nook with the newly reupholstered chair! It’s hard to make out, but there’s a closet with two sliding doors between this area and the art prints. While I appreciate (love) closets, the location of this one kind of limits furniture placement. I’m still looking for a print to hang above the chair, but I may end up making my own. I still want a poof/ottoman/table/something for this area, too.


Lastly, the map wall (it’s directly to your left when you walk in the room). We’re slowly adding pins to our travel map and I hope we never stop. (Other than prior international trips, we’re only pinning domestic trips we’ve taken together). The map itself is huge! The replica airplane propeller above the map is roughly 4 feet wide, so that gives you an idea of the map’s size. I’m thinking about adding an inspiration board to the right of the map. It will help fill that space and I would like to hang up more art and inspiration without committing to hanging frames.


So there’s my office as of this past weekend. I actually enjoy spending time in it now, too!


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