So I went to Idaho last week—the Sun Valley area and Boise to be exact. Tim flew out to Sun Valley last Monday for a work conference and I headed out that way Thursday to meet him. We stayed in Ketchum, which is an adorable ski town. The whole town has this lodge feel. It’s so cute to walk around, close to Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain, and right at the edge of the Sawtooth National Forest.

We spent most of Friday skiing (more on that next post!) …


And spent a couple hours that afternoon driving up through the Sawtooth Forest over the Galena Pass towards Smiley Creek. Who knew Idaho could be so pretty?! While there wasn’t much snow in town, there was a ton once we headed north.

Sawtooth_1 Sawtooth_2 Sawtooth_3 Sawtooth_4 Sawtooth_5 Sawtooth_6

There were a few times we stopped so I could take pictures, but wasn’t able to get good ones because the walls of snow along the windy roads were so tall. For reference—I’m 5’6.


Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that we went and found Ernest Hemingway’s gravesite in Ketchum. It was kind of sad to see all of the stuff visitors had placed around the grave…beer cans, a half empty glass of wine, pennies, poker chips. I thought the flowers someone had left were much nicer.


On Saturday, we drove back to Boise and to hang out. We took a tour through the old (and now closed) Idaho State Penitentiary (more on that in another post), went hiking in the foothills, got some food and drinks from the Bittercreek Ale House, and attended a Steelheads hockey game.

Idaho_Penhiking hiking2Bittercreek

We were really hoping to spending some more time exploring Boise Sunday morning before flying out early that afternoon, but rain changed our plans. We settled for a quick stop at their outlet mall and grabbed lunch from Ram Restaurant & Brewery. Even still, we had a great weekend out of St. Louis and am gearing up to fly out again really soon!


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