Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack Pt. 3

So the last time I did an update on this project, our cabinet looked like this…


After we dry-fitted the wine rack, it was removed so we could add a “floor” for the rack to sit on, add smaller pieces of wood to help finish framing in the sides, and then we painted the inside black. Oh, and we added a black, breathable cloth to the back. The picture below just looks like a black hole, but that’s what it looked like after all of that.


This is a slightly better picture with the shelving back inside the cabinet. The shelving is now sitting on the floor of the cabinet. The small diagonal wood pieces got added as an extra support at the bottom for once there’s bottles pressing down on the angled pieces of wood. Those also got painted to blend in.


Tim’s dad worked on making the drawer, though I don’t think I ever saw it in progress. I came home after a long day of work and the drawer had been installed and the front piece had been put on. The nail holes had already been filled in, too. I was okay with all of that.


We (as in Tim) attached the front piece to the drawer, painted, and then headed to Home Depot to pick out handles for the drawer. Because it’s a fairly long drawer, I wanted two handles and they had to be darker to go with the inside of the wine rack. I couldn’t find the exact ones we got online, but they’re similar to these.


The bottom trim as been installed, and the top would have been too except the wrong style was purchased…so that has to go back. We have a couple trips coming up, so top trim and paint touch-ups will probably (sadly) be put on hold until after those.  Oh, we did figure out that we could fit at least 10 bottles of wine in the three largest cubbies, though we probably won’t. We’ve already started using the drawer by moving coozies and various bar utensils into it. It’s so handy!


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