February Recap

I am so excited that it’s March. We can finally (or at least hopefully) say that we are one day closer to spring. Funny how as I’m typing this, we’re getting hit with sleet and snow. February was another rough month with weather—we had another snow storm and below average temperatures.


But we didn’t let the weather stop us from attending a Blue’s hockey game. Blues unfortunately lost in overtime that game.


On the home front, we’ve made a ton of progress on the cabinet to hide the gas meter in the basement. We just have trim around the top and touch-ups and it can be considered done. We decided to change out the light fixture in our main floor bathroom, which we know will lead to other unplanned updates (like the vanity this spring).

I think it was technically January, but I finished painting the baseboards. Our living room looked like this for an afternoon…


But here’s what they did look like…no amount cleaning and scrubbing were going to make those look good.


Oh, and I finally got my chair back from the upholsterer—that will have it’s own before and after post.

I’m not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but we did “celebrate” National Margarita Day with friends.


Work was incredibly busy this month…lots of late nights and weekend work to meet tight deadlines. I did get one night away from the computer and was able to attend the ADDY awards. The judges were super tough this year, but two of my projects did receive an Award of Excellence. Considering the judges didn’t given any type of award or recognition for several categories and not one Silver level award, I was fairly pleased.

And lastly…I finally learned how to pronounce several St. Louis street names and other French terms correctly thanks to this and this article. Turns out no one knows how to pronounce “Gratiot.” Hint: it’s “grah-SEE-oh,” not “grash-ut.”


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