Things I Love

Valentine’s Day…the day all about love. I actually don’t really like Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s a waste of a holiday. Why? 1) We don’t get it off work, so it’s not a real holiday. It’s simply another day for Hallmark to sell some overpriced cards. And 2) There shouldn’t be ONE day out of the year’s 365 that you tell someone how much you love and appreciate them. You should be doing that every day.

So instead of gushing about all of the people in my life that I love (because that should be quite obvious to those people), I’m going to list 9 incredibly random things that I love.


Ampersands: I feel like any fellow graphic designer and/or type lover would understand where I’m coming from.
Johnathan Adler ampersand paper weight

Ranunculus: I’m not really a rose girl, but I do love me some ranunculus flowers. They’re just so pretty when their petals are close together and when they’ve fully opened. They come in almost every color, too! I had yellow ones in my wedding bouquet :)

Malbec: I’m a red wine drinker and Malbec is one of my favorite varieties. It’s the perfect middle between the lighter and heavier reds. I think Tim and I have drank almost every bottle of Malbec under $12 at our grocery store.

JIF Extra Crunch Peanut Butter: My mom was one of the choosy mom’s that chose JIF. Thank you! I seriously won’t eat any other kind. I eat half of a whole wheat bagel with crunchy peanut butter almost every morning for breakfast. I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. Or at least I hope not.

Paris In Color book: I adore this coffee table book. It reminds me of when my sister and I spent three days in Paris. The book’s photographer even has an Etsy shop where you can buy prints and postcard sets of images from the book. I have my eye on a few!
Paris In Color book  / The Paris Print Shop

The Color Navy: Navy is hands down my favorite neutral color. I seriously think everybody looks good in it, and it’s a nice alternative to the other neutrals.

Sky Map app: Confession time…I am a closest space lover. I don’t understand half of what’s going on out there, but it’s just so fascinating! This free app uses your geolocation to help you identify and locate stars, constellations, and planets. I love using it when we’re out sailing at night
Mobius Sky Map

Garlic: You know how Frank’s Red Hot sauce’s slogan is “I put that (shit) on everything” ?? Well that’s how I am with garlic. I will incorporate it into 9 out of 10 meals.

Giraffes: There are two animals I insist on seeing every time we go to a zoo—polar bears and giraffes. They’re just incredible creatures. They’re height alone is my favorite thing about them, followed by how funny they look when they bend down to eat/drink.
Giraffe print

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Image credits: ranunculus  /  wine  /  pantone swatch  /  PB  /  garlic

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