Office Wish list

I’m doing this post a little out of order of what I had originally planned, but I’m STILL waiting on my chair to come back from the upholstery shop. It’s been there twice as long as what I was told and I’m getting frustrated. Yesterday I was told it would be ready at the beginning of next week. I’ll probably blow a gasket if it’s not. But in the mean time, I’m thinking of what I’d like to add to the room to finish it.


1. Task Lamp: The desk lamp we have right now is Tim’s from back in the day. While it shines bright enough, it’s too short—I either have to have the light directly in my face or pointed directly down at the desk. I need something taller. I love this lamp from Ikea, but it doesn’t ship and St. Louis won’t get theirs for another year or so. To hold out on it or find another…

2. Inspiration Board: There’s space next to our travel map where I’m thinking about making a cork board to hang or buy a few metal strips to hang things on with magnets. I have stuff that I’d love to hang up as inspiration rather than putting it in a frame.

3. Ceiling Fan: We have one in the room right now, but the lighting and style of it are awful. It really doesn’t do much to light up the room. The previous owners had this room as a nursery, so the fan looks very kid-like.

4. Stool or Table: I would love to have a stool or table next to the chair to set a book or a beverage on. I’m not sure of the style I want and think it will be determined how the re-upholstered chair looks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the gold style will fit.

5. Hanging Plant(s): Whether it’s a macramé hanger or a few glass terrariums, I’m set on bringing in some greenery to this room!

6. Desk Accessories: I have a tray with a calendar, a mug holding writing utensils and a paperweight, but I’d like to get a few more things to organize the desk.

Hopefully I get the chair back early next week and can do a before and after post!


1. Ranarp Tast Lamp  /  2. Inspiration board  /  3.  Ceiling fan  /  4. Gold table; White stool; White and Espresso table  /  5. Hanging plant;  glass terrarium;  air plant  /  6. Stapler;  Acrylic card holder;  Notepad

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