Drooling Over: Air Plants

I don’t have a green thumb, I have a black thumb. I mean, I killed a cactus for crying out loud. I have miraculously been able to keep just a handful of plants alive though—a few succulents, an unidentifiable leafy plant and an aloe plant (that is actually trying to die on me). Tim gave me a hydrangea plant last year for Valentine’s Day that I planted outside this past summer and although it almost died a couple of times, it survived and even had new blooms. So maybe I don’t have a black thumb? Probably a semi-black thumb.

I’ve been on the look for some sort of hanging plant to put in the office to the left of my desk. The room gets plenty of sun and it would be nice to bring in some greenery. Air plants are perfect for my semi-blaack thumb since they don’t actually have to be planted in soil and you just soak them in water about once a month and mist them every so often depending on the type. I plan on getting a few plants and a mix of glass terrariums to hang them in—similar to this.


You can get air plants from several different places, these all just happen to come from Air Plant Supply Co.

1. Velutina $4.00  /  2. Bergeri $3.00  /  3. Xerographica x Fasciculata Temp. Sold out  /  4. Aeranthos x Stricta Hybrid $5.50+  /  5. Fuchsii Gracilis $2.39  /  6. Harrisii $6.50

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