January Recap

Happy last day of January! This first month of 2014 has really flown by. It wasn’t overly busy, but it sure felt like it.

I rang in the new year with some of my closest friends, including my friend Nicole that came down from Omaha and brought two of her friends along. The evening was full of dancing, drinks, and noise makers.

Tim was finally able to shave his beard after not being allowed to touch it for 6 months. He wore his mustache like this to work one day.

One of my pictures from our New Zealand trip was included in VSCO’s curated grid.

A massive snow storm came through St. Louis and dumped 12+ inches of snow.

Made some dark chocolate whiskey cupcakes and these German chocolate cake cookies.

Started repainting the baseboards on the main floor of our house. Only two rooms left.

We’ve known since moving in that the chimney needed work, so almost four years later we are finally getting around to it. Some interior repairs were made, followed by the external this spring. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the two big things we just had done was filling in the ash drop and having a second damper removed at the top of the chimney that was a fire hazard. Good thing we haven’t used our fireplace at all.

And lastly, the gas meter cabinet/wine rack has made progress!


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