Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack Pt. 2

So if all goes according to plan, the cabinet and wine rack being built to hide the gas meter should be ready for paint this weekend! (Insert 1,000 more exclamation points here).

We (as in Tim and his dad) took a break from working on it through the holidays, but are back at it. The shelf was securely attached and the top half of the cabinet was finished being framed out.


We actually decided to nix the doors on the top half and do a single piece of wood to hide the meter. It allows us to hang a piece of art on it in hopes of trying to district from the cabinet. The single board is screwed into the frame with four screws, which I’m not a huge fan of and am trying to think of a way to hide them. We can’t put trim over them in the off chance of us ever having to access the meter and needing to take the board off. We all know the chances of this happening are slim, but it has to be considered. I’m hoping that once the cabinet is painted and something is hung up, the screws won’t be as noticeable.


For the wine rack portion, we’re using this as an inspiration. I like the contrast between the neutral wall color and the dark brown rack. We used birch boards which were cut to allow them to interlock with each other. From there, the wood was stained to match the shelf. Since the edges are going to be the most noticeable, we painted those a dark brown/black. We’re going to be using a dark colored breathable material in the back since this is on an outside wall. It’s similar to what you would find velcro-ed to the bottom of upholstered furniture. I was concerned that if the wood boards were painted white they would get scuffed up from the bottles and look dirty or dingy because of that material in the back. I also wanted larger cubbies so several bottles could be placed in each, so the design was based off 10 inch square cubbies.


The rack was set inside the space to be dry fitted so we can adjust everything before securing it in there for good. There’s going to be a drawer above the rack, so there’s some extra spacing there. The inside needs to be painted dark to match the rack.


Once everything is installed and painted, we have to trim up the top and bottom to match the other cabinet and the support beam. I can’t wait to get this filled with wine!


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