The Challenge

Starting today, I agreed to a challenge that no lady in her right mind should ever agree to.

No shopping for new clothes, shoes, purses or accessories for the rest of the year.

Yep…no shopping. Should be fun right?

No, probably not. But it might be.

Why am I doing this? There’s actually a few reasons…

1. I honestly think I can do it.
Tim initially challenged me to no new shoes for the rest of year (with a couple exceptions at the bottom of the post), but I decided to up it and add in the other three items. I’m not one that goes on major shopping sprees, but I am one that has a tendency to pick up a new shirt or scarf when venturing into Target when I only really need mascara. But really, who doesn’t do that? I’m pretty sure 99% of people that go into Target for one thing leave with a cart full. I will complain that I have nothing to wear, when in fact I do. I just need to learn how to create new outfits and get more out of what I already own.

2. Saving money.
I feel like this is a no-brainer reason, but it’s definitely one of mine. We’re taking a couple trips this spring, and we have a couple big ones that we’re hoping to go on in 2015. Not buying those items = money saved.

3. Spend money on more meaningful things.
I read an article on Design*Sponge last week titled Practicing Mindfulness At Home: The Need + Want Equation that I really connected with. It really gets you thinking about how and where the products you buy are made, along with if you really need something and it’s value in the long run. I hate to admit, but there’s been times that I’ve been very materialistic—whether that’s me feeling like I “need” that expensive item or just want something cheap to tie me over for a summer. How important is it to have that $300, or even $15, purse? It’s not. I would like to focus on filling my life with more meaningful experiences and items than something that could easily be disposed of.

I’ve actually spent some time over the last week going through areas of the house to declutter by throwing things out, recycling or donating. It just goes to show that you could, at any given time, get rid of something that you thought you needed/wanted just a year prior. I would like to start looking at purchases in a different way to where I know I’m totally in love with something before I spend money on it.

So what are the exceptions of this challenge?

• New running shoes—I’m going to need new ones this year. I’m signed up for two sprint triathlons this summer and a half marathon in October. You can actually get injured by running in old shoes, and I’d rather not have that happen!

• New white flats—I wear my white flats year round, and my current pair are really starting to show their wear and tear. I’m waiting for a sale and then will be purchasing a new pair.

• Anything purchased with a gift card or store credit—If money isn’t coming out of my account, then it’s fine.

• New basic tops—I wear my plain (white and black) shirts a ton, and they are also seeing the last of their days. I will probably cut up my old ones to use as rags (just like my mom used to) once new ones are purchased.

So here’s to buying less and saving more!


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