Drooling Over: Day Designer Planner

I’m in love with this day planner by Whitney English! I know I’m a little late on this one, but I’ve been meaning to get a planner for this next year and set some goals. I feel like whenever I write them down, I’m more apt to follow the schedule and get done what I need to. The original Day Planner is sold out, but there is still some “already authentic” versions at a discounted price. Which basically means that they didn’t pass the original quality check, but are still unused.


Whitney English Day Planner $49

Other planners I’m loving:
• Poketo Mon Cahier planner $29
• Notemaker Diary weekly planner $29
Cavallini Aqua daily planner $33
• Today is the Day pocket planner $14 (I own this one! And it’s illustrated by Jessica Hische)
• Navy Chevron weekly planner $20
• Birch Print weekly planner $32.50


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