Happy New Year and My 2014 Goals

Happy New Year! Hope everyone was able to ring it in the way they wanted with the people they love.

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts to think about their resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, and I’m not any different. I feel like I did pretty well with last year’s goals—I bought fresh flowers about once a month, didn’t rely on social media to tell people happy birthday or congratulations, I took two classes to learn how to use my DSLR camera (still trying to make sense of some of that information), and ran my half marathon last spring under 2 hours.

So once again this year, I wanted to put my goals out there for all to see—it helps keep me accountable after all!

1. Read more. I downloaded books on my iPad for our trip back in October and forgot how enjoyable it was. I actually worked in a library during high school, so I always had first pick at most of the books that came in. I don’t watch a ton of TV, so instead of aimlessly surfing the internet at night, I would like to read. However, my reading list won’t consist of the Twilight or Harry Potter series.

2. Do at least three triathlon races this summer. I really want to do a full triathlon (Olympic distance) during the 2015 summer, so this summer is my chance to really work at it to be better prepared. Initially I wanted to do 4 tri’s this summer, but because I signed up for a half marathon in the middle of October, I have to plan out training schedules for two different types of events. I don’t want to over-do triathlon training and end up injuring myself or slack with the half marathon training. It’s going to become a balancing act towards the end of the summer.

3. Get my personal portfolio site up. Picking out favorite/best projects is hard. Personal branding is hard. Finding the time and energy is hard when working a normal day job. It’s takes more than one thinks to get a site up and running! It’s at the top of my list this winter.

4. Finish those lingering home projects. Tim and his dad have a couple projects in the basement to finish, while I am wanting to paint all of the baseboards on the main level of our house. The baseboards are just primed white ones that you can pick up at Home Depot, but they have yellow spots from when Tim had the floors refinished after he bought the house. This will be the year I finally get those painted!

Cheers to the new year…make it a good one!


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