Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack Pt. 1

Project “build a cabinet to hide our gas meter” has finally started. The cabinet to hide the water meter was done last spring, and now it’s time to get the other cabinet done. As of right now, the plan is to divide the column in half—the top would be a cabinet with two doors that would give us access to the gas meter, and the bottom half would house a wine rack.

The process to building the walls of the cabinet are basically the same as the water meter cabinet—sanded pine boards cut and attached to the studs on either side of the cabinet. We will have to fill in the gab where the two walls meet, and then it will eventually be painted to match the rest of the basement. In the two pictures below, the sides hadn’t been attached to the studs yet, but now that they, are the gap isn’t as big.

GasWineCabinet2 GasWineCabinet1

After we had the two sides put up, we measured for a shelf. Since the bottom half will hold wine, we thought it’d be good to have a shelf for us to set bottles on to open.


While the shelf was being cut and stained, framing to the bottom half was added. We want the cubby holes for the wine to be a diamond shape and hold at least 4 bottles each. We’re even considering adding a stemware rack under the shelf to hold wine glasses since the space is so large. Now we love our wine, but we’d have to buy quite a bit to fill that space!

GasWineCabinet4 GasWineCabinet5 GasWineCabinet6 GasWineCabinet7

So here’s where we are today…framing started with the shelf done! The next step is to build the front side of the cabinet so we can start thinking about doors.

GasWineCabinet8 GasWineCabinet9 GasWineCabinet10


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