November Recap

Holy moly…I can’t believe it’s already December and 2014 is just a few weeks away. This year has FLOWN by!

November has been a relatively “laid back” month, which is nice considering September and October were crazy busy. We honestly didn’t do much. The month started off with a late Halloween party—Tim went as Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty and I went as a 50’s housewife complete with freshly baked cookies.


I got back into my running groove just in time to do the Skippo Race in Castlewood State Park. I think Tim is more “nervous” in our pre-race photo.


We saw Joshua Radin and Matt Nathanson in concert. We have seen both performers before (at separate times), and I had almost forgotten how funny Matt Nathanson is in concert. It was a good show!

Concert1 Concert3 Concert2

I tried out making some caramel apple cupcakes, and then also made some Mexican chocolate cupcakes for my work’s taco themed Thanksgiving potluck.


And one of the most exciting things to happen during November….the gas meter and wine cabinet project finally got underway! How long have I been waiting for this to happen? I plan on doing a whole post about it once it get’s further. The shelf for the cabinet has actually been made and stained, so now it’s onto the front of it. Finishing the door under the stairs is still on the to-do list. We have to take the door off and basically start over on that. We want to trim the door out, but can’t with the way it is now.


The month ended with my family visiting for Thanksgiving. We had a full house for four days with way too many leftovers in the fridge. I’m still working on them!


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