Drooling Over: Task Lamps

We use the third bedroom in our house as an office, and lately I’ve been concentrating on getting it finished. The wall art and travel map are up, I finally hung some curtains, and I’m also having my chair reupholstered. So now, I’m currently on the hunt for a new lamp and task lamps are what I’ve been gravitating towards. At first I wanted a colored lamp, then I changed my mind to wanting a gold or dark bronze one, and now I’m thinking more of white. I’m in love with the lamp from IKEA (#3), but IKEA doesn’t ship and the closest one is 5 hours away. I may change my mind again, but I’m seriously tempted to drive up to Chicago one weekend and buy it!


1. West Elm $79  /  2. Pottery Barn $79  /  3. IKEA $40  /  4. Urban Outfitters $50  /  5. PB Teen $39  /  6. World Market $40

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