In-Flight Necessities for the Long Haul

Our trip is just under 3 weeks away, so I’m starting to go down our list of prep work that needs to be done before we leave—such as: Tim needs a suitcase, ordering electric converters, tons of research of each city, and making a list that will hopefully make two 13 hour flights bearable. So here are the things I will be packing into my carry-on tote bag.

Noise canceling headphones & music: I feel like this item is a no brainer. I even take these things with me for 1 hour plane rides.

Large water bottle: Staying hydrated during long flights is key. You can’t go through security with a full (or even unopened) bottle of water, so either buy a bottle of water after going through security or bring an empty one from home to fill up before boarding. I hear that stewardesses on most international airlines will even fill your water bottle on board.

Packaged snacks: Buying snacks in the airport and on planes can get pricey, so I’m going to pack some. Things like power/nutrition/granola bars, pre-made sandwiches (made with either tortillas or bagels), cheese and crackers, any fruit or vegetable that can go without refrigeration and aren’t messy. You do need to be careful of your salt intake while in the air for that long…you’ll get dehydrated very quickly. All food items have to be sealed (zip lock bags are great) in order to be let through airport security, so keep this in mind when picking out snacks. Also, be mindful of other’s noses and allergies when packing food items.

Basic toiletries: The first thing I’ll want to do after a 13 hour flight is freshen up (with a cup of coffee of course), so I plan on packing things like a toothbrush & paste, deodorant and facial moisturizer. You could even include baby wipes in that list.

Basic pharmaceutical items: Being at a high altitude for a long period of time, combined with little movement and irregular meals can really be hard and tiring on a person’s body. So I plan on taking some Excederin (or Tylenol), antacids, and most importantly dramamine. I’m hoping that the dramamine can knock me out for 3/4th of the overnight flight.

Entertainment: If I am able to sleep for say…7 hours (here’s to wishful thinking), then I still have another SIX HOURS to sit on the plane. This calls for other means of entertainment—watching the in-flight movies, music, reading and even playing cards.

Loose fitting clothing: Not only because I want to be comfortable for the flight, but also the body will often times bloat and expand during long flights. So tight fitting clothing may not be best, although it’s said that compression socks are great for long flights. I’m also going to make sure I have a light-weight sweater and scarf since planes can get so chilly.

The Complete List (with more items to consider)
• Chapstick
• Eye drops
• Facial moisturizer or hydrating spray
• Lotion
• Baby wipes
• Makeup remover
• Hand sanitizer
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Deodorant
• Mini/condensed makeup bag
• Pharmaceuticals (sleeping pills, antacids, Tylenol)
• Large water bottle
• Packaged snacks
• Neck Pillow
• Eye mask
• Loose fitting clothing (shoes that can be slipped on and off)
• Extra or change of clothing (sweatshirt, scarf, travel socks, undies)
• Noise canceling headphones with a music player
• Other types of entertainment (books, magazines, iPad, cards)

I’m also packing guide books, copies of all our IDs & travel docs, electric converters and a journal to write things down in during the trip, but those may not necessarily be included in our carry-on. Hope these things will help us get through all of our upcoming flights!


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