August Recap

August was actually a fairly stressful month for me. Normally I love the month of August. Growing up it meant my birthday, the county fair, the start of school, and that autumn was not far away.

The month started out with a bang—literally when my car was totaled in an accident. The accident has been the main cause of me feeling stressed. Being in the accident, having to deal with insurance, a rental, finding and buying a new car, needing a tire on the new car patched from a nail, and now waiting for the title so I can get taxes and plates for the new car.


But there were also plenty of good times. We enjoyed some time at the sailboat—I soaked up some sun while Tim and his dad worked on replacing the windows on our boat. Three down, 10 to go.

August1 August2

It was “Minute It to Win It” one weekend at the Marina so we participated in the games. Tim’s team won the whole thing.

August3 August4

We also attended an exhibition soccer game—Real Madrid vs Inter Milan.

August5 August6

And of course a Cardinals game. Because it’s not summer in St. Louis unless you attend a Cardinal’s game.


We ended the month with a trip to the Ozarks for Labor Day weekend. A friend’s parents own a condo, so we try and take advantage of it whenever we can. There was pool time, boat rides, BBQs, card games and plenty of drinks. I even managed to come back with a little color—which isn’t easy to do.


I’m not ready for summer to end yet, but am totally okay with the cooler mornings we’ve been having. Makes for great running weather. We leave for our trip in exactly one month…I’m starting to get anxious about it. Still so much to research and things we need to gather up for a couple of 13 hour flights. We’re heading north this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. My Dad’s side of the family knows how to party and put on fun weddings, so it should be a good time.


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