Birthday Week

We celebrated a couple birthdays at home this week. Our little “puppy” Nellie turned 3–which basically means we can’t call her a puppy anymore. I still remember bringing her home almost three years ago. She was only 12-ish pounds and had big ol’ paws and puppy eyes.


And now she’s, grown into her paws, her back legs are solid muscle, and she’s pushing 40 pounds. We had decided she’s a beagle-fox hound mix, but now I’m thinking that she’s just an “over sized” beagle. We know her mom was a pure-bread beagle, but since she was basically a rejected orphaned puppy when we got her, we don’t know. We still love her to pieces anyway :)

birthday-2013-2a birthday-2013-2b

And the other birthday we celebrated this week was mine—I turned 26. It’s not a milestone birthday, so it’s quite the anticlimactic age to turn. Because my birthday was during the week this year, we met up with a bunch of friends in Soulard for some drinks. It was a very low-key, but fun night. I was able to snap this one photo of the Hubs and myself.


Can you believe his beard? Now don’t get me wrong, I love men with facial hair, but his is getting waaaay too long. He has a bet going with all of his buddies and he’s not allowed to trim or shave the beard until January. I hope we’re not mistaken as a homeless couple while on our trip this fall. Oh, wouldn’t that just be hilarious.

My co-workers reaped the benefit of my birthday when I brought in cupcakes. I made vanilla bean cupcakes with a strawberry filling and almond-vanilla buttercream. Recipe to come later!


Speaking of cupcakes…the Hubs gifted with three new recipe books that I am so excited to dive into. I had asked for the book Frostings by Courtney Whitmore and was surprised with not only that book, but two others as well. I also received an extra mixing bowl (a glass one with a lid and a handle!) for my KitchenAid. So now I won’t have to stop and wash a bowl between making batter and frosting.


We went to Acero in Maplewood for dinner on my actual birthday. I mentioned wanting to go there a couple of years ago, yet we have never been until this week. My review: it was delicious. We both did the tasting menu, which includes four courses. My dessert of choice was the caramel panna cotta (similar to custard) topped with a caramel sauce and smoked sea salt. Yum.


I did also take advantage of Missouri’s tax free weekend and Famous Footwear’s BOGO sale and bought a couple new pairs of heels. Happy birthday to me!


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