Summer Lovin’ / Sailing

The Hubs and I were gifted with a 27 ft Buccaneer sailboat last summer by his dad when he decided to jump at the opportunity to own a bigger one. His dad had owned the “Buc” for almost 20 years before passing it on to us, and now it’s getting to that age (it was built in the 70’s) where it needs some TLC.

Sailing01 Sailing02

We had some big TLC plans for the boat this summer, and just like most projects, it has a few bumps in the road. I’ve started making new curtains, but need to look into a new track system to hang them; we want to reupholster the interior, but have decided to wait until the winter (and a good fabric sale); and the big thing that needs to be done ASAP is replacing the leaky windows. We’re hoping with those three main projects, the boat will last us many more years. But those aren’t going to let us not enjoy the sailing season!

Sailing03Sailing04Sailing06 Sailing05

I’m still new enough at this whole sailing thing (I didn’t grow up around it) that I get super nervous for others when the wind is so strong that their boats lean so far over.


Even Nellie comes out and enjoys the sailboat :)

Sailing08 Sailing09

Now if only it would stop raining so much on the weekends and get a bit warmer.


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