Summer Lovin’ / Food Truck Friday

Food trucks are obviously a bit hit in pretty much all major cities across the country, and I know St. Louis isn’t the only city to do Food Truck Fridays (FTF), or a similar event. Last summer they held FTF in Tower Grove Park once a month, and this year Feast Magazine is doing Feast in the Park that is being held in several different parks around the metro area multiple times a month. I think there are seriously that many food trucks here in St. Louis, and there is a demand for them.

So while the boys were away on a golfing trip, a few of my girlfriends and I decided to hit up the one in Laumeier Sculpture Park. There were 13 trucks, tons of people and a gorgeous evening to spread out a couple blankets to enjoy food, wine and live music.

FTF01 FTF02We all ended up heading straight to the Big Fat Greek Truck for gyros. When I saw that they were on the list earlier in the day I instantly craved a gyro, and by-golly, I was going to get one. We ended up having to wait in line for 40 minutes for those gyros. It was well worth it. I was torn between the traditional lamb gyro and the veggie one, but went with the veggie one in the end. It had more on it—lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese, onions and of course tzatziki sauce. So good. And very messy to eat. I had to wipe feta cheese out of my nose once. Cute, huh?

FTF03 FTF04And of course, we all got dessert. Because who doesn’t get dessert when attending a food truck event? We stopped by Sarah’s Cake Stop for cupcakes and sliced of gooey butter cake. (We actually did a tasting with Sarah’s for the wedding, but went with someone else in the end. Their cupcakes really are delicious, though!) They didn’t have my favorite flavor, red velvet, so opted for the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Still amazing. And just check out how big those slices of gooey butter care are! Huge.

FTF05 FTF06We stuck around a bit after we finished our food and wine and enjoyed the scenery (aka people watching). My friends Melanie and Lillian decided to provide us with some “music” by blowing on blades of grass. We all got a good kick out of. I must say that those ladies are quite talented with making music with blades of grass. We joked that it sounded more like mating calls than music. Ha.

FTF07 FTF08It was such a lovely evening…hanging out in the park, relaxing, food, wine, and laughter. It’s going to be a good summer.



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