Remember That Basement Project?

You know, the one we started roughly two and a half years ago that gets worked on here and there? Yeah, that one. Well here’s an update on it.

It’s still not done.

But we are soooo close!

At times I feel like nothing has been done in the last year since carpet was installed, but then again I feel like quite a bit has happened with the basement in the past year. The support beam finally got covered, a cabinet around the water meter was built, the door for under the stairs was started, the table, chairs and light pendant were all purchased, and some art was hung. That’s definitely getting some stuff done. The wedding, loads of work traveling for the Hubs this past winter, and sailboat season (which we have big plans for!) once again approaching has caused us to not get everything crossed off the list. But we’re still utilizing the new space almost every evening, we just happen to have a few things left to do.

So here’s how it’s looking right now. PS, the lighting in these pictures isn’t the best, but it looks so much better in person. Between artificial lighting (only one window in the bathroom) and me still learning how to use my SLR camera, the pictures don’t have the best coloring. I didn’t stage any decor either because let me be honest—there isn’t much for decor yet down there.



BasmentUpdate513-3When you’re standing in the back where the future bar will go, you can see how, decor wise, we have quite a bit to do yet. The TV cord needs to be hidden (which we have a tube inside of the wall already set up for it) and more art to be hung.

I loooove the table I purchased from West Elm right after Christmas, and the light pendant is from there as well. We scored the ivory, tufted parson chairs from Home Decorators during an upholstery sale, making each chair just under $90 each. The chairs aren’t carried online through HD’s website, but they are available through their Amazon store and in-store. They’re actually sturdy and fairly comfortable, so we’re both happy with them.


Here’s how that support column turned out—trim around the top and bottom of it! Ignore the slightly crooked photo…I promise the beam is straight.


As for the ugly wall…we nixed the dry-erase wall idea and decided to just paint it the same gray as the stairwell when I repainted the upstairs last fall. The rough patches are really only noticeable if you’re looking for them, and I like the continuation of color down the stairs to the landing. Perhaps someday down the road, we’ll address it with another plan, but for now, the paint works.


As for what we still need to finish to officially consider the basement complete:
• Build a cabinet around the gas meter (similar to the water meter), with the bottom half being a wine rack.
• Build or install a bar and purchase stools
• Finish trimming out the door under the stairs
• Put the stair railing back up
• Decorate! Though this isn’t really necessary to consider it finished, but it would be nice to have more art on the walls and other pieces to really tie everything together.

We really love this space. Have I mentioned how awesome of a place it is to take naps and watch movies? It gets so dark! It’s been a long road to get the basement where it is today, and though we still have a bit to do, it’s been worth all of the time and money that has gone into it.


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