Looking Forward to Summer

I love summer. Maybe not quite as much now that I’m out of school and don’t get a three month vacation, but nonetheless, I still love summer. I always have fairly high expectations every summer in hopes that the upcoming one will be even better than the last one. This summer is more than likely be going to be on the more mellow side (other than a few wedding related activities for friends that are tying the knot over the next few months,) which just means more time to relax.

And of course, there are few things I’m particularly looking forward to this summer…

Refreshing Drinks // Because who doesn’t like a good margarita or wine spritzer?


Running and hiking Castlewood’s trails // This is probably one of my favorite places in the metro area. It can definitely make you forget that you’re in the city, and lets you escape for a bit. I haven’t explored all of the trails inside of the state park yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I do.


Spending more time with this cute girl // How can anyone deny this face? Seriously. Nellie turns three in August, and is more curious and lively than ever. I’m hoping she’s finally old, strong and energetic enough to start going on runs with me because she loves being outside.


Summer shoes // I’m not a huge flip-flop or sandal person, but boy do I love me some wedges. While I “only” have five pairs, I would like to add a few more. The Hubs would gladly express his opinion about my shoes. Here’s a hint: I have too many.


Big, floppy hats and every chance to make the “Blue Steel Face // Big, floppy hats are the shit in the summer. Nothing more to say about it.


Cardinals baseball games // I live in St. Louis, where we clearly have the best fans in the MLB. Don’t believe me? Read the article I just linked to. Boom. Fredbird, beer, too long of bathroom lines, and Yadier Molina. Oh, Yadi…how I love watching you play :)


Yard work // Okay, so I’m not actually looking forward to doing this, but we’ve made our first step towards the landscaping we want our house to have—which does make me excited. This past weekend we cut down an overgrown bush, and still have plans to try and take the rootball out. We plan on laying grass seed, tearing out the rotten railroad ties, and adding pavers.


And lastly, practicing my SLR camera skills. // I took the first of two photography classes I plan on taking. The first one covered aperture, shutter speed, ISO and few other details. I don’t quite know the camera and am still absorbing everything the two hour class covered, but am hoping with enough practice, I will be ready to take the camera Down Under with us this fall.


Of course, I can’t forget to mention that I have big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. My friend Nicole from home is coming down to visit + camping + a bachelorette party + sailing + soaking in the sun.

Should be a good summer :)


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