Keeping My 2013 Goals

Since May is only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would reflect on how I’m doing with my 2013 goals. My first thoughts is that I’m doing pretty darn good with them. I wanted to create smaller, more meaningful goals that I knew would be within reach while pushing me as well. 

So here’s how I’m doing—

1. Buy fresh flowers more often. I must give myself a nice pat on the back with this one because I’m actually doing this! I decided that I would buy a fresh set of flowers once a month, and I have to admit that I like having them in the house. Depending on what the store has available, I’ll either put the flowers in one vase or create a couple smaller arrangements and have a few vases placed around the house. I will admit that I didn’t buy any in February, but that’s because it was the Hub’s responsibility with Valentine’s Day. He did good and brought me a hydrangea plant :)


2. Tell people Happy Birthday/Congratulations/etc in person, over the phone, or with a card rather than by social media. This particular one I have been trying to follow, but there are times where I feel I could be better about it. I will normally text the person first, rather than say something on Facebook, but even then there are times where I still feel like that’s impersonal. So perhaps I will start calling these people. I know I’m going to turn into one of those people that’s always sending out late cards, so I should probably work on that too.

3. Take a photography class and learn how to use our DSLR camera. I have not been able to cross this one off my list, however, I have been looking at different area classes that are available now that the weather is starting to become nicer. I actually have a few options picked out, so now it’s just a matter of fitting it into my schedule and booking the classes.

And finally…

4. Run my upcoming half marathon closer to the 2 Hour mark. This one I was able to cross off my list with a big ol’ smile. I finished my most recent half marathon in 1:58:12. It wasn’t exactly as easy as the first one I ran, but I still got my goal! I took a week off from running to help my legs recover, but now I’m back at it. Last week I decided to sign up for another mini-triathlon this summer. I had a good time doing my first one last summer, so I picked a harder one for this summer and have to move right into training for it. I even purchased my own pair of cycling shoes and gloves! Maybe then I’ll take some time off from training and running races. Ha! Who am I kidding…


So overall, I think I’m doing pretty good keeping my goals. Maybe I’ll just have to set some that are a bit harder for next year.


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