Hook-n-Hang ‘Em

So even though we are still without a bed in the guest bedroom, that hasn’t stopped me from making a couple other tweaks to the room. Before we even got rid of the bed, Tim had hung the other shelf for me on the wall to the left of the one window. I’m still adding and rearranging art work between the two shelves trying to find the best way to display them all. So for the past few weeks, this is what that wall has looked like:


Then one day last week I got an itch to add some hooks in the room to hang scarves, bags, or whatever a guest may need to hang. I found these hooks at Anthropology and fell in love with the shape of them, but me being a cheap person, wasn’t willing to pay $12 for just one hook. So I took a trip to Home Depot and after a bit of back and forth between a few styles, I decided on these hooks for $3 each.


At first I thought about putting the hooks under the window that was to right side of the bed, but without a bed in the room right now, it was hard to judge where to place them. So the only other place in the room where hooks could work is under the shelf, and what do you know, I ended up loving them there.



The size of these are perfect for what I was wanting, and after comparing specs, the Anthropology ones were taller, so I’m not sure if those would have worked in the end. Makes me feel better about not splurging on them. The hooks aren’t screwed into any studs, so I won’t be able to hang anything with substantial weight from them, but scarves and an empty purse or two are just fine. I figure I can remove any of the items if a guest is staying to make the hooks available for them.



I have the scarves I wear most often hanging right now, but those could easily change as the season does. I love the added color in the bare room. We’re expecting my sister at the end of next month, so a bed will be back soon enough. I also like the thought of hanging the next day’s outfit up on the hooks so I don’t have to dig through my closet or a drawer for a piece of clothing. Anything to get me moving a bit more quickly in the morning is always a plus in my book.


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