Concert Goer

I’ve been to several concerts over the last few months—5 concerts to be exact. I feel like we attend concerts in waves—they’re all around the same time and then there’s a big lull until the next one comes to town. Beware, this post is long with lots of pictures.

Grouplove & Silversun Pickups at the Peabody Opera House
My friend Nicole from Omaha came down for this concert. I think it was the closest to Omaha that Silversun Pickups was going to be. And while this was a good show, I have to admit that I thought Grouplove’s performance was better than Silversun Pickup’s. The lead singer of Grouplove wears a plaid bathrobe when they play. I found this to be hilarious.



Silversun Pickups. They were good, but I honestly expected them to be a bit more…lively?

Ellie Goulding at The Pageant
I love The Pageant. It’s such a good venue to see a show, and I don’t think there’s a bad spot in the venue. However, something was off the night of the Ellie Goulding show. The sound wasn’t very good…like we could hardly hear her at times. We stood right behind the sound board near the bar, which is normally a great spot for acoustics. Other than the sound being off, it was an okay show. Ellie loosened up as the show went on and became more interactive with the crowd, which helped overall, but I was still wanting more from the show.





Matt & Kim and Passion Pit at the Peabody Opera House
Having these two bands perform in a seated theater was such a funny thing because these two bands just make you want to dance. And holy cow, did Matt and Kim make me want to do that. They were sooo good! Between their set list, simple stage setup and graphics, and jokes about Kim’s butt…they were awesome.



We saw Passion Pit a couple years ago at The Pageant and they were so good there that we jumped at the chance to see them again. I don’t know if it was the venue or the drastically different tone of their latest album, but we left saying how their first show two years ago was better. Their light show was just as impressive as last time, though.




Imagine Dragons at The Pageant
These guys were so good. Seriously. If ever given a chance to see them again, hands down I would. The concert sold out quickly and people were lining up hours before the doors opened to secure a spot in the audience. We ended up in the balcony, where I hadn’t ever watched a show from before. The guys in the band are all crazy talented musicians, and singer did such a good job interacting with the crowd and keeping the mood high.





Taylor Swift at the Scottrade Center
This was the third time my BFF Chelsea and I have gone to see Taylor, so we knew how big of a performance she was probably going to put on. Our night was quite eventful, starting off with faulty tickets from StubHub, but the problem was quickly resolved. StubHub refunded our money and paid for our new tickets in a better section. So we got to go for free! This concert was definitely worth going to, but I will admit that I liked her last two concerts better. Either way, the concert was like a theatrical performance and was still amazing.

Taylor1 Taylor2 Taylor3 Taylor4

Did I mention how St. Louis’ own Nelly stopped by for a guest performance? Oh yeah, he did.

Taylor5 Taylor6 Taylor7Taylor8

So that’s all the concerts I’ve been to in the last few months. We have one coming up in April, but none other than that. The summer should hopefully be bringing more to town!


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