So remember when our guest bedroom looked like this just a month ago?


Well, now it looks like this…


A couple weeks ago, Tim’s mom called saying that her waterbed was leaking and she was having to get rid of it, and asked if she could take the one from our guest bedroom. Yep, the bed in our guest bedroom was a waterbed. It was the kind with the tubes, not the big “bag” type of container. I, personally, was all excited about getting rid of that bed. I hated that bed. I just hate waterbeds in general. However, every person that’s ever slept on it has loved it.

We’ve decided that we’re going to size up from a full sized bed to a queen, so that means a new headboard. The old headboard was made by Tim’s dad and only fits a full sized bed, so now we are starting from scratch with the bed. I’m actually kind of excited about that aspect because replacing the headboard has always been on my wish list of things to do. We’re going to hold off on buying a new mattress set for now since we aren’t expecting overnight visitors anytime soon. Plus, we are trying to decide if we shoyuld move our mattress set into the guest bedroom and get ourselves a new set. Is it worth splurging on a nice set for us, or spend half that amount and wait to upgrade ours?

But waiting to buy a new mattress set doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and buy a new headboard for the guest bedroom! I’ve always wanted a wrought iron headboard in that room, but between being very picky about the design of it and the practicality of that type of headboard, I’m not sure if that’s what would be best. So I’m also leaning towards an upholstered style, preferably with some sort of added element—tufted, nail heads, ect. I want the headboard to be able to stay with us for a long time, so I think sticking with a classic style is the smartest.


1. Tufted Headboard // 2. Upholstered Headboard // 3. Wrought Iron Headboard

If I decide on an upholstered headboard, I would like a white or cream. I feel like the wrought iron would fit in better with the dresser, but at the same time, I’m not concerned about a matchy-matchy room.  Also, because the bed sits halfway under a window, I don’t want any decorative shapes—just a rectangle. The window also means that it can’t be too tall. Ideally it would be roughly the same height as the old headboard.

Tim mentioned making the whole guest bedroom my walk-in closet. My response? “Don’t tempt me.”


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