Office Color Palette Re-Do

So about two years ago, I posted this office color palette.


Well after failing at attempting to re-upholster a chair myself, moving the office’s yellow rug to the guest bedroom, and realizing that there are other rooms in my house that use a very similar color palette, I’ve decide that the office needs a slight do-over.  Nothing major though. I’m not repainting, so the gray walls are staying as is, and other than paying someone to re-upholster my chair (hello tax return!), none of the furniture is changing. I have a handful of art prints currently hung up, with the intentions of hanging more, the travel map is being put to use, and I have already purchased a new rug.

With the purchase of a new rug, I’ve decided that I want this office to lean towards the girly side. I don’t have a super girly room in this house (though the Hubs would totally disagree with that). Seriously though, other than our green bedroom, most of the house is very neutral is touches of color here and there. Since I’m the one that uses it 90% of the time, I think I’m entitled to a semi-girly office.

So here’s what I would like to start moving towards with the new office color palette. I found this image, and felt like the internet was reading my mind! I have the navy rug shown below, I want the chair to be re-upholstered in a neutral fabric with a pink or coral throw pillow. I already have a yellow sunburst mirror hanging up, and adding more artwork. I tell you what, the internet can do some amazing things.


1. Rug // 2. Wall Color // 3. Sunburst Mirror // 4. Pillows // 5. Bankers Chair // 6. Desk // 7. Bookshelf

In the end, the only major things left to do is getting that darn chair done, hanging those additional prints, and updating the window treatment—which I’m still stumped on. Long drapes? Roman shade? Valance? I seriously can’t decide.

Doesn’t seem like too much, right?


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