My 2013 Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

With Spring roughly three weeks away, I’m itching to get out of my boots and into skirts and wedges. Don’t get me wrong…I love wearing scarves and boots during the cold months, but I am ready to put them away until next fall. I try not to pay too much attention to what’s in, or the current fad, but there’s always one or two things that I actually do like.  And I try to keep with basics so I can mix and match and wear it piece several different ways. So here are just a few things I’m keeping a look out for when adding to my wardrobe this spring.


Striped Dress // Navy boat shoes // Sweater // Dress // Mint Jeans // Flats

1. A casual pink/coral/red striped dress. I want to be able to wear my jean jacket, sandals and a hat with it.
2. Navy pair of boat shoes. My current pair of Sperry’s are four years old and starting to show their wear. And considering we do have a sailboat, the shoes get used how they’re meant to.
3. Lightweight, oversized sweater. Great for casual days and cooler nights.
4. Aztec or tribal print dress or top. Normally I would be all over polk-a-dots, but I’m totally in love with tribal prints right now.
5. Mint or green colored jeans. I have a pair of cobalt, red, coral and patterned hearts. These would help round out my colors, right?
6. Floral print flats. Last year I was in love with wedges, this year I’m in love with floral print flats. You can wear them so many ways!


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