My 2013 Goals

As I’m finishing up last year’s goal of running 12 races in 12 months (this coming weekend is my last one!), I decided it was time to start thinking of this year. Because I have another goal oriented “something” in the works, I wanted to keep this year’s goals not only different from last year, but on the small and bit more meaningful side of things.

1. Buy fresh flowers more often. Though I’ve never been a huge flower person, I still appreciate them. They bring in a certain freshness to spaces with their colors and  scents. I’m not quite sure how often I’ll buy them…maybe once a month?…but compared to how often I buy them now (practically never), it will be an improvement.

2. Tell people Happy Birthday/Congratulations/etc in person, over the phone rather, or with a card rather than by social media. Social media is such a funny thing in our lives. It allows us to stay up-to-date with people better, but it (in my opinion) has made us more impersonable. We’ve stopped the face to face interactions, phone conversations and letter writing because of it. So this year I want to be more personable with the people in my life and communicate in ways other than Facebook. They deserve it.

3. Take a photography class and learn how to use our DSLR camera. We received a Nikon D3100 as a wedding gift and while I’m dying to learn how to use it, I’m also pretty intimidated. So come this spring or summer, I’ll be looking for a photography class so I can get that camera off the “Automatic” mode and get really familiar with the manual settings. We haven’t decided if we’re taking it to New Zealand and Australia with us yet, but if we do, I want to make sure I know how to use it.


4. Run my upcoming half marathon closer to the 2 Hour mark. I finished the first, and only, half marathon I ran last fall in 2 hours and 11 minutes. According to my Nike+, I had hit my 13.1 miles by 2 hours and 4 minutes, but because I was on the outside of most of the turns, there were added steps and added time. So come April, I’m really going to try for that 2 hour mark. I’ve increased my speed to where I’m running a good minute per mile faster than I was last fall, so I’m hoping between that and training, I can do it.

So here’s to 2013 and all the adventures it may bring.


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