Giving In

For probably the last year I have been on the hunt for a round table for the basement, with West Elm’s Arc Dining Table always in the back of my mind.

arc-table1 arc-table2

It is exactly what I wanted—round, dark wood, perfect size for the space in the basement, seats four, no old-school pedestal base, and a fun modern shape. The one thing about the table that I didn’t want was the price…$400. And chairs aren’t included. Every time I looked at that price, I seriously cringed. I couldn’t justify spending that much on a table without chairs when I knew there were entire sets for that price. I wanted to order that table so bad, but could never bring myself to do it. So I didn’t. Call me cheap, it’s okay.

I kept searching for tables at just about anywhere you could think of—catalogs, online, in stores, Craigslist. I actually did find a set at a local store called Weekends Only that I liked well enough and was going to go look at it until I saw that it was sold out at every location. And the thing with Weekends Only is that once an item is gone, it’s gone and probably won’t ever be in stock again. Whomp whomp. So the search continued on like this for the next year.

And then Tim said one the smartest things I think he’s ever said to me (not really, but close). Ask for a West Elm gift card for Christmas. I knew I married him for a reason. :) And whadya know…I got one from his Dad. And then something else magical happened…I got an email from West Elm on Christmas day saying I could have 20% off one item—like any in-stock item. Anything.

So with the combination of that 20% off and the gift card, I gave in and ordered that darn table. And now it’s mine :) It’s not the best picture of the table because it doesn’t show the space at all (and the one cabinet that left to finish). I’m waiting until we have chairs and the light pendant hung.


So while I’ve been looking for a table, I’ve also been on a mean hunt for ivory, tufted leather parson chairs. I plan on purchasing an ivory leather ottoman to replace the coffee table in the basement, so I thought bringing in that color in the two areas would look great. The chairs I have in mind are from Pier 1 Imports.


They have the clean, simple lines I want, along with the tufts and the dark legs. With two animals and the possibility of spilling on the chairs, I decided leather (or material similar to leather) was the way to go. I’m just waiting for them to go on sale, or find some super similar ones for much cheaper. Although, I have a feeling that I may just have to give in with these guys too.


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