Our Wedding Pt V: The Finer Details

I was never the girl that dreamt about her wedding or fussed over details. Sure, I wanted a few specific things like multiple vases/containers to hold flowers at the reception and platters for cupcakes [rather than a cupcake tower], but I was never the girl that wanted lots of old, vintage stuff or decorations everywhere. I wanted things to be simple.


I must say that I loved the wedding party and family’s flowers. Bridget at Flowers to the People did an amazing job, and was so fantastic to work with. My two major requirements were the use of succulents and in-season flowers. I wanted the maid’s bouquets to have lots of texture using foliage and flowers in the different shades of yellow and creams. I just love how they turned out.

detail3 detail2 ceremony10detail4detail5

We wanted to mix my rural Nebraska upbringing with Tim’s city background. We just wanted everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable without going crazy. I felt that by having the wedding in St. Louis with the  ceremony in a park, the reception in a historic building, and bringing in wild flowers [which we did wholesale] in different vases [mason jars, milk glass vases and wine bottles] really helped us achieve that. A fun thing we did for the reception was use bottles of Fitz’s Root Beer [made here in St. Louis] that doubled as place cards and favors. It was a treat for the out-of-towners and locals loved it as well.

detail6 detail7 detail8detail9

I love looking through all of these photos. I want to make it a yearly thing of looking back. It was such a fantastic day all around that I don’t want to forget anything.


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