Our Wedding Pt III: Music Stand Ceremony

I loved loved loved the location of our ceremony. The Music Stand in Tower Grove Park is such a unique structure that was built back in the 1880’s. And that red top—so cool. The ceremony was exactly what I had in mind after we started planning. It was outdoors, simple and short (I think like 15-20 minutes), and personal.


My Great Uncle was our Officiate, which meant a lot to me. The string trio sounded so lovely. And the fact that two of Tim’s groomsmen shed a tear or two, because Tim never did, was so sweet. I even broke some nerves and caused some laughs when I went to put Tim’s ring on the wrong hand. Oops! I ended up getting it on the correct hand in the end.

ceremony2 ceremony3 ceremony4 ceremony5 ceremony6 ceremony7 ceremony8 ceremony9 ceremony10

It was pretty windy that day and started out super cloudy. The sun came out right as the ceremony started, which is what I’m blaming my blotchy back on. Nerves? No way. [ha!] Oh, and do you know how awkward it feels to kiss in front of 100 of your closest family and friends? Awkward.


2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Pt III: Music Stand Ceremony

  1. Hello! I came across your blog while searching for pictures of weddings at The Music Stand. After some loing around I noticed you went to Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in STL. That’s where Igot engaged!!! Great show right? Anyways, we have been looking at The Music Stand as a possible ceremony location. After actually going there and looking, there were two things I was concerned with, and was hoping you could help. :) First I was wondering if the big cables coming off of the pavilion were in your way at all. Did you find them to be an inconvenience in your pictures? I was also wondering how you made your appearance. It seems that everyone would be able to see the bride as they made their way to their seats. Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated!!

    • Hi Kristina!
      Congratulations on your recent engagement—how exciting!

      I will start off by saying that we really did love having our ceremony at the Music Stand. I had the same concern about the cables that you have, but in the end, we never thought they actually were in the way (for us standing up there or for the people in the crowd watching) or negatively affected pictures. I’ve seen pictures of the ceremony from people in all different spots on the benches, and I can’t think of one picture where the cables obstructed any views.

      As far as my entrance, I stayed behind this small group of trees and bushes down the sidewalk (near the pond) from the Music Stand and not one person saw me. When you drive in that circle in front of the Music Stand, there’s actually a sidewalk with a bench that faces the pond with a grouping of trees/bushes—that’s where I “hid out.” We just had the car pull up to where I could hop right out there at that sidewalk near the bench and trees. If you look at the 4th picture down in my post, you can see half of one of the trees there on the left. I wanted that long walk up, so that’s why I was so far down the sidewalk.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck planning your wedding!

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