Our Wedding Pt II: The Crew

We had such a great wedding party. They seriously helped make the day so much fun. We had an uneven amount of attendants—I had four girls, while Tim had six guys. I loved it being uneven. Most of them are either married or have been in a wedding recently, so they knew what it’s like to have pictures taken. There’s a lot of silly ones, some serious ones, and a few cliché ones. It’s expected, and we don’t mind having those shots.

I still can’t get over how much I love the combination of the girl’s navy dresses and the boy’s tan suits. I just think the navy against all of those fall colors looks so good. And the boys in those suits? Very sharp looking in my opinion. Each of the boys had a navy tie, but each one had a different pattern—another way we tried to make the look our own.

crew1 crew2 crew3 crew4 crew5 crew6 crew7 crew8 crew9

Talk about a good looking wedding party, huh?


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