Our Wedding Pt I: Prepping

We finally received our wedding proofs back last week—with just over 1,300 photos. Because we didn’t hire a videographer for the wedding, having a great photographer [or team in our case] was important to me. I thought they turned out great. I find new ones I love each time I go through them. I do wish it hadn’t turned so cloudy after the ceremony though…I was really hoping for some of those “golden hour” shots we got during our engagement session.

And because going through 1,300 photos takes a lot of time for anyone, I’ve decided to do several posts with a handful of pictures from different times of the day to show my favorites. This ones has a few getting ready shots. I love how the photographers captured some of my facial expressions throughout the day—the best ones are with my mouth wide open laughing. Like when I opened up Tim’s letter to find he stuck a lottery ticket in it. So typical of him. Too bad we didn’t win anything off it.

prep0 prep1 prep2 prep3prep10 prep4 prep5prep9 prep6 prep7 prep8

Tim said that this last picture is probably his favorite of me from the whole 1,300. I still haven’t decided my favorite of him…there are too many I love.


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