A Sneaky Proposal

I got to witness my best friend being proposed to last Friday. And then surprised her with these pictures two days later.


Her [now] fiancé had asked me several weeks ago if I would hide and take pictures of him proposing. His plan was to meet her at the wine bar where they first met, and as an added surprise bonus, have their families inside waiting to congratulate them. How sweet, right?! So I said “YES” of course. I mean, what girl would not want that moment captured?  Side note: Tim did not do this for me, but probably would have if I would have said something about wanting that done. Silly me.

So my friend Nicole, that was in town from Omaha, and I arrived at the restaurant and found a prime parking spot to be sneaky and capture the proposal.  I don’t think much more needs to be said after seeing the following picture :)


We had to zoom in quite a bit to get the pictures, so they aren’t the clearest, but you can still see Chelsea’s excitement and being surprised. These three ladies walked up on them while Adam was asking and also got some pictures. Hopefully they receive the email with the pictures that the ladies promised.



I couldn’t be more excited and happy for the two of them.


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