We finally have end tables!!

The never ending “job” of changing and updating the living room to get it to how we want it still seems…never ending. But we came a step closer after the end tables that we had ordered were delivered and assembled. Which also means we were able to bring out our new lamps and get rid of the torch lamps [Tim’s dad took them] that I mentioned doing in this post. Tim and I both agree that the room finally feels like a real living room. Not having anywhere to set down a beverage or a book got old, so we [I think more so Tim] was happy when the coffee table and end tables were added. Though we don’t spend a lot of time in here now that the TV is downstairs, it still makes the room feel more inviting.

So here’s what the room looked like up until about a week or so ago, with the addition of the coffee table. I know our couch is not centered under the window. And yes, it bothers me. It’s because there are vents on either side of where the couch is currently sitting and if we center the couch, then one of the vents gets covered up. Lame, I know.

And here’s what it looks like now—goodbye torch lamps, very small ottoman, and plant stand!

Here’s another shot before we even got the coffee table. I had to include this picture because the dog normally doesn’t sit like that, but I felt the need to snap a picture. I mean, that face combined with how she’s sitting—hilarious to me. I giggle every time I look at it. Tim still hates that trunk, by the way.

And a similar, but wider, angle. I love the addition of the round coffee table and lamps to the room. There were so many hard edges and square/rectangular shapes [especially when you include the dining room], that the room needed some organic shapes in it. I’m also still dying to hang curtains on either side of the window.

I also brought a small, round end table that we had in the basement up to the living room as well. We thought the other sitting area also needed a table. It’s just small enough to fit in that space. But now that I’ve shifted the chair and lamp over, I want to reposition the anchor every time I look at it.

….aaaaand the close up detail shot. I just really like this view :)

We started bringing out our Christmas decor yesterday. The fireplace was the first to get decked out. I don’t want to go crazy this year with decorating for Christmas…well at least nothing gaudy and over the top. I want to keep it tasteful and simple. We’re even getting a fake tree this year… :/ I hate to do that, but having to pay $65-100 for a real tree every year adds up. You can get a fake tree that lasts years for the same price. Plus we’re tossing around the idea of putting the tree in the basement this year, and neither one of us wants to be constantly cleaning up fallen tree needles out of our new carpet. Can’t blame us, right?


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