In the essence of Thanksgiving being this week, I’ve decided I wanted to take a moment and express what I am, and have been, thankful for this year. These aren’t in any type of order, I’m equally thankful for all of them. Of course there is more that I’m thankful for, but these are a few random things that are currently at the top of the list.

for my family with my super awesome parents that let me move away six years ago for college to allow me the freedom and space I needed to learn and grow as a person, all while keeping me  inline and making sure I knew current weather happenings at home (ha!) • for my younger sister and older brother • for new family • for my bff Chelsea & all of her help throughout my engagement • for my different and unique groups of friends (near & far) • for having a house over my head • for my husband and all of the work he does and love he gives

for my health • the freedom and ability to run • my education • for the ability to switch jobs and feel wanted in these economic times • for having a car • for the happiness I get from having pets • for having an eagerness to learn new things • for getting to travel and explore new places • for Pinterest giving me an ever expanding recipe book and putting my baking skills to the test • for college football season • for my grandmas & mom teaching me how to bake

for living in a city full of hidden places and treasures • for my imagination • for the drive to make my life turn out the way I want it to • for people accepting and loving me for me.


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