Living Room Additions & Wish List

Now that sailing and wedding season is about over [we have our last wedding to attend of the year this Saturday], we [really meaning myself] can get back to concentrating on the house and getting caught up on projects. The basement hasn’t been touched since September, I’m dying to get stuff done with the guest bedroom, and although the living room got a bit of sprucing up not too long ago, I’m not quite done with it.

In addition to what was done back in September, we’ve been able to cross a few items off our Living Room Wish List thanks to generous wedding gifts. We received two tear-shaped, glass lamps with shades, a throw pillow and a coffee table. We received enough gift cards to purchase the end tables we wanted, but until we get those, the lamps are staying put away. We have no overhead lighting in our living room, so having light is crucial in that room. We have these floor lamps, and while they do the job just fine, I can’t wait to take them out of the room.

We’re super grateful for the awesome gifts, but there’s still a few things left to add to the room before I can call it complete. That wish list includes…

1. Sheer panel curtains with some sort of light pattern on them.
2. A floor tripod clock—we don’t have a clock in our front room and it drives me nuts! I love the idea of having a tripod clock to help balance out the tripod lamp I have as well.
3. A different mirror above the fireplace. It doesn’t need to be that exact one I have shown below, but I would like a round one. We need more round objects in the room to help with all the hard edges and corners.
4. A bright centerpiece for our new coffee table. Haven’t quite decided what that should be thought…a tray with fun nick-nacks? a statement bowl?

One thing I forgot to show in the image was a ceiling fan. Tim and I both would love a ceiling fan with over head lighting in that room, but I think it scares Tim to cut a hole in his pristine ceiling and run electric there. He did just fine running the new electric in the basement, but he had a gutted room to work with. And I know I’ll have to do some really hard convincing to have him let me bring in those items on the wish list [except for the centerpiece], but he’s a softy and usually caves. :)


Recently acquired links: 1. pillow / 2. lamp shade / 3. coffee table / 4. glass lamp / 5. end table
Wish list links: 1. curtains / 2. clock / 3. mirror / 4. tray

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