Back to Reality

Going back to work and “normal” life is always hard after a vacation. But honestly, I’m kind of ready for it.

Tim’s Aunt and Uncle were extremely nice and let us use their vacation house in southern Florida for about five-ish days, where we spent our mini-moon. We did some exploring, a lot of relaxing, a bit of shopping, and soaked in the rays. We went down with absolutely nothing booked or planned—we just went with the flow and decided the evening before what we were going to do the next day.

The one excursion we did end up booking while we were down there was a sunset sailing cruise—complete with shrimp cocktail and champagne. It was two and a half hours of sailing on the Gulf. Besides the water being super rough that evening, it was very enjoyable. We were able to spot some dolphins swimming and watched a lovely sunset that evening.

I hope to get another post or two up with other wedding related items. Writing thank you’s and getting the house back in order seems to be taking priority right now though—well, now that the Cardinals won’t be going to the World Series anyway. There’s always next year for that.


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