Heading to the Land Down Under

One of the more common questions that Tim and I are constantly getting is “Where are you going for your honeymoon?” and I always make answering the question more complicated than it probably needs to be. For some reason, I always feel the need to explain our situation and the reasoning behind us not going to some all-inclusive, beach resort in the Caribbean or South Pacific or jetting off to Europe. Maybe because it doesn’t sound as exciting as what most couples do?? But then again, we aren’t like the majority of our friends that have recently gotten married, or will be soon. That’s because we’re paying for this entire wedding, with the exception a few things (which we are forever grateful for). And I can’t forget to mention that I switched jobs back at the beginning of May and lost all of that paid time off that I had built up at my previous job. So between the money and me not having hardly any PTO, we’re staying within the continental US. Oh, but there will be a beach.
So after starting to answer the honeymoon question with a similar response to that above, I get excited and proudly boast (and practically yell) “BUT WE’RE GOING TO NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA NEXT FALL!!!” And then I wait for the “Wow!” or “That’s awesome!!” responses. I must admit, it feels pretty good. I don’t want to give all of the details out, but our trip includes the stops shown below. The two things I think I’m most excited about seeing are the glow worm caves (random? yes) in New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns.
There are a couple reasons why I think this kind of trip is perfect for Tim and me…
1) This trip style is known as “independent travel,” meaning the travel company sets up our international & internal flights, hotels, transportation during the trip, and just a couple excursions. The rest is up to us—we get to pick out what we want to do each day. The company will help us set up anything we may need them to, or we can really be on our own. This trip doesn’t make us follow a strict itinerary and be stuck on a coach bus driving all day.
2) Tim is a beach person, and I’m more of a mountain and exploring cities person. This gives us the balance between both of those. We get to see amazing scenery, explore the towns on our own, and hit the beach.
We could not be more excited about this trip. We were actually really (I mean, really really) considering Spain and looking up all sorts of stuff about the country and the different areas and cities, but both decided that if we don’t go down to NZ & Australia now…we won’t ever go.
So we’re going!

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